27 September 2001


I made it to Venezuela (which means Little Venice) and it´s an awesome place. I´m currently going crackers in Caracas and am getting a flight to Trinidad tonight. Ive spent 5 days around the country.

I did a 3 day trek into the jungle, sleeping in hammocks, using rivers to wash in and with candles for light. This was in order to visit Angel Falls (the highest waterfall in the world) which is in Canaima National Park. It´s quite a long way to get there - a 9hr overnight bus from Caracas, then a 1hr flight in a tiny plane (where I sat behind the pilot!), then a 4hr boat ride and finally a trek through the jungle.

The national park was an amazing place with loads of other beautiful waterfalls, in addition to Angel Falls, cool `"table-top" mountains (where they have flat tops and vertical sides) and unspoilt rainforest. Also made it down into the Amazon rainforest, which was also cool. I wish I´d had more time to go to the Andes.... The history and culture of South America is really interesting. The people have been really nice. But the buses in Venezuela are weird - they are really cold with powerful Air Conditioning and they wont let you open the curtains, so you never know where you are!