15 January 2002



Arrived safely to Alburquerque and am now in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My travels to Alburquerque was 'interesting'. I turnedup at 10am at gatwick and my flight wasnt on the screen - the 12:00 to houston. Turned out my 'flight never existed and STA shouldnt have sold me that ticket'... which is how i like to start my hols. So they decided to send me to newark, then to houston,then to albq - only took me 20 hours. It was quite surreal landing just past the ex-world trade centrenext to manhattan, when i am supposed to be heading tothe desert. That was the longest journey i have done -3 separate flights, checking in and out. 16 hrs of flight time!

Anyway - New Mexico is nice - Santa Fe is the coolest place to i have been to in ages. It's allbrown/red mud style brick, very beautiful little town. Looks like i thought mexico would, or like being in awestern film set. There's snow around and we're hoping to go skiing in the rockies. It's very cold at night (below zero) but gorgous during the day - warm enough like an english summer. Thats what you get for going to the middle of nowhere desert town! Am gonna be here for another week and then am flying to houston and then heading into Mexico for 10 days, driving around.


The end of my trip in New Mexico was really cool - I especially enjoyed skiing in Santa Fe. We spent an evening in Houston, which is quite a dull place, although it has some nice skyscrapers.

I arrived safely in Mexico on Thursday and it is an amazing place. I am currently near the Aztec Pyramids,which are huge. The weather is now nice and warm and the mexican food has been surprisingly good. We've been to some very pretty little towns so far.
We went to an old ghost town (it used to be a ghost town,but people have started moving back into it) where they filmed The Mexican. Then we went to another little pretty student town before heading around Mexico City to the pyramids (we got a bit lost and I ended up driving around the entire ring road of the biggest city in the world...)
Driving around has been much easier than we expected -they have got good roads, altough the signs have been well dodgy. Its been good that we can just stop anywhere and see some little places and desert - the real mexico. We are heading to a volcano later and then to the beaches at Acapulco (which is currently 30 degreesC...) I ended up getting a free flight to Mexico, because on my previous flight from Albuquerque to Houston they needed people to switch to the next flight (2 hrs later). So they gave me $300 (enough for a return trip to Mexico from Houston) and a first class flight fromAlbuquerque to Houston. Not bad!