27 March 2005


Had a really good time in Colombia. It was much more modern than I was expecting. Went with 30 other people from my section, on a trip organized by a Colombian guy from the section. It was great to have someone like him to show us round – and experience the highlife of Colombia - we got taken on a private tour of the presidential palace (which is not open to visitors), had a meal at his parent’s house, on a hill overlooking the countryside and went for lunch on a private island off the Caribbean coast to some rich dude’s beachhouse.

It was pretty weird traveling with that many people (and slow). I much prefer small groups! A good chance to bond with my class mates though. We spend a couple of days in the capital Bogota, which is very developed. Then flew up to Cartagena on the Caribbean coast and spent a couple of days there (supposed to be the best Spanish colonial city) in a beautiful hotel. Finally spent a couple days on a tiny island off the coast (which was ok, but nothing great compared to the best of the Caribbean). We went to a lot of bars and clubs – and the women are very hot!

Overall, Colombia is a good destination (but not one going out of your way for). It was a really good trip though because of having a local to show us round. My travel bug is still there, but remains on a downward slope!